How it's working?

How to earn Bitcoins and keys to game CS GO it in Steam?

How much you earn?

I pay for redirecting users from around the world, but some countries pay more:

CountriesThe rate for 1 unique visits
USA, Canada20 Satoshi
Germany, UK, Italy, Australia10 Satoshi
Other countries5 Satoshi

* Unique visits is 1 user every 24 hours. 1 IP is treated as 1 user.

* What is Satoshi?

* The rates may vary depending on the value of Bitcoin.

When payment?

You can request a withdrawal in bitcoins or CS:GO keys, but minimum is 0.0005BTC (50 000 Satoshi) for Bitcoin payments or 0.004BTC for CS GO Key (400 000 Satoshi)

Each 0.004 BTC is equivalent to 1 CS:GO key. However, this value may change depending on market value.

If you choose the payment method in CS:GO keys, and the value of the payment exceeds 0.004 BTC to receive 1 key or the number keys that are a multiple of the amount of 0.004 BTC (ie 0.004 = 1 key, 2 keys = 0.008 etc.)

I redeem payment within 7 days.

* BTC - short Bitcoin.

What with fake traffic?

Proxy, bots, autosurf, ptp, iframe etc.

You must remember that not all advertisers agree to accept the traffic and should be respected. If you want to use them, I have for you a special iframe code. But for such traffic will pay only 25% of the base rate.

If you try to fake traffic directed to the main portal advertising, then I'm sorry but I have to give you ban, and the collected funds will be returned to advertisers. Remember that.

* Manual surf are ok and are not considered as fake traffic

Whether the rules are simple?

If so, what are you waiting. Sign up and start earning.