1. The most important rules you can find on the homepage.
  2. Current rates for the unique views are given on the homepage
  3. The user control panel you will find two links to promote. The first major advertising portal is designed for humans (not bots). On the second "iframe" you can send the remaining traffic.
  4. The main portal with ads you can direct traffic from links facebook, twitter (and other social networking sites), websites, blogs, manual surf and others involving humans. Earnings will be added to your account when you spend on the website at least 25 seconds. Then the user will be redirected to the URL specified by you (if you do not specify a URL, a redirect at the disposal of the administrator). An attempt to send fake traffic on the main portal, will be rewarded ban.
  5. For traffic from the proxy bots, autosurf, ptp, iframe etc. You have a separate iframe code to insert into your website. However, compensation for its promotion is 25% base rate.
  6. The administrator is always right
  7. If the administrator is not right, see section 6
  8. If you are sending traffic proxy, try to could not identify him. Other proxy will be rejected.
  9. I can not guarantee That traffic from autosurfs properly settled (I have no influence on the operation of these systems)
  10. Is acceptable traffic from websites for adults